WTF is sudo init 1?

sudo init 1, my dear, is a musical side project by German composer and songwriter Stefan Karl.

While some might remember past projects with and from Stefan Karl such as Jammin' Jessie or the long gone lost punk band Diamond's Edge, he is mainly occopied with his Prog Electro Rock project Apart from Alice today. You might want to check that out, too (for example, on Facebook).

Having spent his youth in the 1990s listening and dancing to Techno Music, it was great experience for him as an adult to try and record music of this style. It also was a great relief from stress and exhaustion he suffered from at that time caused by him and his band working on an EP release.

Stefan Karl is a big fan of the open source community and achievements like Linux, especially Kubuntu. This explains the choice of the project title sudo init 1 as well as why every album and song is released as free download with CC-License.

Stefan Karl has already composed some music for a new album by sudo init 1, but, due to other obligations a release date could not yet be announced. Now that's enough yakkin', let's get to the music.

Seven Nights -X10ded

Seven Nights -X10ded

Released in October 2008. Cover artwork by Josef Meindl

Download all tracks mp3 - flac

  1. Guten Morgen, ISS! (Slow and Easy Version) Download mp3 - flac
  2. Traum.Komplex (S.F.S.) Download mp3 - flac
  3. Auto.Bahn nach Lezzie.Town Download mp3 - flac
  4. Jamie crossed the Borderline Download mp3 - flac
  5. Dein Rosen.Kavalier Download mp3 - flac
  6. Scala.Elegy (Album Version) Download mp3 - flac
  7. Way to No.rway Download mp3 - flac
  8. Scala.Elegy (Single Edit) Download mp3 - flac
  9. Guten Morgen, ISS! (Precambrian Edition) Download mp3 - flac
  10. Im Radarstrahl Download mp3 - flac

Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag
Seven Nights -X10ded von Stefan Karl steht unter einer Creative Commons Namensnennung 3.0 Unported Lizenz.

Slave Of Fools RMX

Slave Of Fools RMX

Released in August 2007. Cover artwork by Stefan Karl.

Featuring Vocals by Sabine Oberhofer.

  1. Slave Of Fools RMX Download mp3
  2. Traum.Komplex 2011 (ReRelease Bonus Track) Download mp3

What's next?

I don't know yet. Have fun with the music! This site was written and released by Stefan Karl.